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Fuel Oil Tank Removal

Venture Tank Co. has a team of OSHA Certified personnel to proper cost-effectively remove your fuel oil tank.  Whether it is above ground(AST) underground(UST), or in a basement(BAST), our experienced team will ensure that your tank is removed properly.

We Handle the tank removal process from A-Z including obtaining the necessary permits.

Contact us for more information regarding New Jersey tank removal and to receive a free quote.

Venture Tank - Oil Tank Removal

New Jersey Tank Removal Process

New Jersey requires homeowners to take prompt action to minimize the risk of heating oil or other hazardous substances coming into contact with soil or groundwater in the event of a storage tank discharge.  Whether they are located underground, above ground, or in a basement, tanks containing heating oil can rust and leak over time.

When purchasing property, you may also be required to remove old or abandoned tanks that have been left behind.

If you are required to remove a storage tank, whether or not the tank has leaked, Venture Tank will guide you through the entire process outlined below- step by step. Together we will weigh all of the financial options in an effort to avoid as much stress as possible.

1. Request and obtain a free no obligation quote.

2. After we obtain your signed agreement, the project proceeds as follows:

  1. Apply and obtain local permit.
  2. Call and obtain utility mark out.
  3. Schedule project with the homeowner.
  4. Pump out contents of tank.
  5. Unearth and cut access into tank.
  6. Enter tank (must have OSHA confined spaces training) clean sludge and residual.
  7. Remove tank from the ground.
  8. Obtain township inspection.
  9. Complete soil sample(s)
  10. Backfill to grade, tamp and rake out.
  11. Dispose of the tank at a recycling facility.
  12. Dispose of the tank contents at a state licensed recycle facility.
  13. After we obtain the soil sample results and they are proven to be under the NJDEP action level we will submit a tank certification letter for your records. This letter will be an important tool if you ever decide to sell your home.
  • If your tank has leaked, we remove it, tag it and store it on our facility until your insurance adjuster inspects it. This saves you both the time and the need of having the unsightly tank remaining on your property.

Once a leak has been detected we must notify the NJDEP by calling their 24 hour hotline at (609) 292-7172 and at this point a NJDEP case # will be assigned.

Venture Tank - Oil Tank Removal

Money may be available through the New Jersey Economic Development Authority Petroleum Underground Storage Fund to reimburse you for the cost of removing and cleaning up the site of your fuel oil tank if necessary. WE HAVE A FULL TIME ON SITE GRANT SPECIALIST WHO WILL DO THE NECESSARY PAPERWORK TO SPEED THE PROCESS ALONG!

The NJDEP also has more information regarding the NJ oil tank removal regulations

Oil Tank Real Estate Searches

Venture Tank - Oil Tank SearchVenture Tank Co. personnel will initially visit your site for an interior/exterior inspection utilizing a Schonstedt inductive/conductive locator and tile probe.

After the visit and inspection, our technician will develop a letter of findings and recommendations.

Helical Piers

Venture Tank Co. utilizes Magnum Helical Piers.  Helical piers are a solution used to expedite older or outdated methods of structural foundation support or underpinning. Due to their design and ease of installation, they are typically used to aid in excavation, support existing foundations, repair sinking foundations or new construction.

Venture Tank - Helical PiersVenture Tank Co.’s design representative will visit your site and design a plan with our engineer.  Design specification is determined by these factors:

  • Soil Types
  • Composition of foundation
  • Type of Foundation
  • Type of structure
  • type of roof
  • Drainage
  • Space Limitations
  • Utilities

Applications include Residential, Commercial and Industrial

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Venture Tank Co. OSHA certified personnel have collectively of 100 years experience completing soil and groundwater investigations and remediations across the entire state of New Jersey.

We offer our clients reasonable solutions that result in NJDEP Case Closures.  Our fast track approach to closure saves our clients unending invoices and years of unnecessary delays.

Venture Tank - Demolitions and Excavations

Insurance Liason

Venture Tank Co. has 27 years of experience working with homeowners and their insurance carriers and the claims resulting from leaking New Jersey Oil Tanks.  We understand how to navigate the complicated process of claims from the initial filing through the completion of the work project.

We offer free liaison assistance to any of our customers.  Whether it is pollution exclusion, buy back, or flat denial, let our insurance liaison guide you to the many solutions that may exist to ensure you get an approved claim.

We have over 30 years expertise from the smallest to the largest demolition projects.  Get a quote today!

  • House Demolition
  • Swimming Pools/Sheds
  • Driveways
  • Patios

Venture Tank - Demolitions and Excavations

Other services include:

Real Estate transactions • Soil and groundwater sampling • Excavation • Concrete work • Structural underpinning • Groundwater filtration • Soil transport disposal • Grant applications • Dewatering • Insitu • New construction piers • Drum Disposal • Inspections • Shoring • Steel beams • And More!